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I’m just finalising my order for craft materials for the Creative Characters workshop on the 23rd April.  There will be lots of fun materials to use when creating the collage characters which will give us lots of ideas for our writing.

There is still time to book your child’s place and more information can be found here.


Smart Owls will be holding a Talking and Listening games workshop on Saturday 19th May at Chinwag in Wollerau.  It will take place from 9.30 – 12.00 and is suitable for English speakers aged 6 (Grade 1) – 8.  This workshop will involve only oral and drawing/colouring activities so is ideal for those who enjoy speaking English but are not confident reading or writing it.  More details are available here.

Smart Owls will be holding a ‘Creative Characters’ workshop on the 23rd April from 13.30 – 16.00.  The workshop will be held at Chinwag Language and Culture Centre in Wollerau.  Further details of the course can be found here and is suitable for native/ near native English speakers.

Smart Owls is pleased to announce that we will be running some morning workshops over the next few months for native and near native English speakers.  Discussions are taking place for a suitable venue but further details will be posted soon.

The course information has been updated and a new section of frequently asked questions has been added.  I hope this will answer most of your questions about Smart Owls but if you want any more information or to enquire about registering just email Karen at

Smart Owls has been designed to offer support and extension work to primary school children who attend local school and receive limited English tuition.  Children participating must have been reading and writing in English for a minimum of two years and is suitable for those over 7 years old.  More details are available here

This is a very exciting moment –  launching the Smart Owls programme and blog.  This scheme has been in production for a long time and now feels like the right time to start.  Over the next few days I will be adding more details about the Smart Owls programme and what we offer so please check back or choose to follow the blog for more details.


Upcoming workshop dates

There are currently no scheduled workshops.


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