Why children should read?

Posted on: 30/05/2012

I typed this into a search engine this morning just to see what would come up and was  immediately drawn to this article from The Telegraph .  The article, written at the start of 2012, states that by the age of 11 children should be able to enjoy reading books by authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson and JK Rowling.  These wonderful books transport children to new worlds, introduces a range of colourful characters and makes them ask questions about the world around them.

The article claims that many children cannot enjoy reading these books for pleasure as they do not understand how to interpret the text, ask appropriate questions and have a bank of strategies to use if they do not recognise a word.  These are all important skills which are necessary to be a confident reader but they have to be taught.  Being able to read the words alone does not make a ‘good reader’.  At Smart Owls we teach these strategies as part of their lesson.  Children receive written work to complete along with their reading book and we discuss the book together.  Together these challenge students to ask difficult questions, put themselves in the character’s position and consider their own actions while developing their vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills.


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