Where are your workshops held?

The workshops are held in different locations around the Zurich area depending on the course and availability.

How long are the workshops?

Most workshops will last for half a day, a few are for a whole day.  Each workshop is individual and there is no requirement to attend more than one.  Your child can attend any that they are interested in.

My child speaks English but is not confident reading or writing in it?

Most of the workshops will contain some reading and writing however as the groups are very small I would be able to support them in these activities.  There are a few that do not require reading and writing like the ‘Talking and listening games’.  All workshops are conducted entirely in English so they do need to be able to speak and understand it.

My child is at an international school, can they participate in a workshop?

The workshops are open to all children.  The workshops will give them the chance to meet other English speakers, do some different activities and enhance the skills they learn at school.

Is there any preparation or homework to do for the workshops?

A few workshops may involve an optional small amount of preparation but it is not a problem if the child has not managed to do this.  There is no set homework but your child may be interested in a subject and want to research it in more detail.

My child is too young for the course but is really interested, can they attend?

Each course has an age limit which gives an indication of the skills and ability needed to complete the tasks.  If your child is very interested in a particular course and is outwith the age limit then please contact me on and we can discuss it.

Where does the private tuition take place?

The tuition takes place at my home in Thalwil.  I have a room which has been converted into a workspace and this has the advantage of having all my resources available to me.

How does the tuition work?

Each lesson is 55 minutes long.   As the tuition is for two children attending together this provides enough time to keep a child focussed on a selection of tasks without them becoming overwhelmed or tired.  There is also a 5 minute changeover period at the start and end of each lesson, this means that your child gets their full 55 minutes with no interuptions.

The actual contents of the lesson will depend greatly on the age and ability of the child but we will cover reading, writing, spelling, grammar and talking and listening skills.  Obviously not every lesson will contain all these elements but over a ten week term all aspects will be covered.  You will receive an email each week to tell you what we covered and suggestions to try at home along with internet activities for your child to try.  Each week your child will also bring home a pack of activities which will vary from week to week but will include games, wordbuilding activities, reading book/ reading activities and literacy challenges.

Do you offer group lessons?

I offer lessons for two children attending together, I do not work with larger groups as I want to have enough time to focus on each child’s individual needs.  Often these are siblings of different ages who attend lessons together but I can also put two children from individual families together.  These lessons allow me to set one child on a task while working with the other and alternating individual tasks with specific teaching.  The only other exception to a group lesson would be total beginners for  reading/writing lessons or a small group who were beginning English.  If you have a small group of children who would be interested (maximum 3 children) then please contact Karen at and we can discuss possibilities.


2 Responses to "FAQ"

Hi Karen,
I am a parent/teacher from the US that has just moved to Bulach with my 2nd grade daughter. At the moment she is in the language learning classes at our public school in the morning and I am homeschooling in the afternoon. I’d love to know if you have any afternoon classes you’d recommend to keep her entertained in the afternoon (mommy is getting a bit boring 🙂

Hi April,
I don’t run any afternoon classes other than my regular tutoring at the moment. If you want to email me at I can send you some links for other activities which you may be interested in.

Best wishes

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