Private tuition

Please note that I am currently fully booked for tutoring and have a waiting list.  I am happy to add children to this list but I obviously offer places in  order.


I offer tuition from my home in Thalwil on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  Each lesson is 55 minutes long with 5 minutes additional changeover time at the beginning and end of each lesson.  This changeover time means each child gets their full 55 minutes without interruptions.  Lessons are for a maximum of two children (either siblings or two individuals).

The lessons

The actual contents of the lesson will depend greatly on the age and ability of the child but we will cover reading, writing, spelling, grammar and talking and listening skills.  Obviously not every lesson will contain all these elements but over a ten week term all aspects will be covered.  Lessons will cover a range of fiction and non-fiction topics.  The children will read a range of different genres, sometimes chosen by them and other times chosen by myself.

During the lesson one child will be set an activity while I work with the other child and then swap over.  This way each child gets quality teaching time and I can focus fully on their individual needs while they also have time to complete a range of activities independently.


Lessons are suitable for children between 4 and 12.  All lessons are designed especially for your child and do not follow a specific scheme.  I draw on lots of different materials including Oxford Reading Tree,  Usborne, Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and a range of novels.  Your child determines the pace of development and lessons are fun, fast paced, challenging and productive.  Below are photographs of resources I use, some of the books I have available and examples of a few of the activities we do. 

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If your child is a total beginner in English or reading/writing then they will  not receive reading books initially, they will however have games and activities to try.

For an information sheet including charges please email Karen at


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Hi. I am looking for a class as such for my 5.5 year old son. Can you please let me know when is the next availability, cost etc.

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